Friday, January 02, 2009

Does a resolution count on January 2? Since I was actually out of the office yesterday, maybe. I'll see how long this thing lasts before I let it fizzle, but I hang out all day, lurking, reading news, that I may as well throw my digital ideas out there.

One thing I wondered: should I bother? Are all the blogs and articles I read just preaching to the choir? Who knows? At least I'll do something rather than hang out.

I may as well categorize my thoughts:

Poltics: I can't let a Monday or Friday go without reading Krugman in the NYTimes. If anyone hasn't read this yet check it out: I have to add that the right wing hasn't just been following the racist Southern Strategy, but also a neo-feudal ideal of killing the middle class and social safety net. Of course, the Republicans forgot that the modern economy runs on consumption. If no one buys anything, no one makes any money, even the wealthy. While I'm personally against rampant consumerism, I do vote with my wallet for good companies to support, even if it costs more.

Environment: Am I crazy? Is it just my OCD? Is this the last vestige of Catholic guilt? I've started taking home compostables as penance for using styrofoam once this week. Whoever reads this, give me therapy.

Handcrafting: recycling old denim for a dog bed mattress cover. Pictures at 11. Also, my continuing recycled knitting of various yarns (one scarf is at

Well, I've just been exused from work, so I must finally finish this post.


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, thank you for sharing this

anastasi said...

Thanks Granny, It's good to know someone's reading.