Monday, May 25, 2009

I know I procrastinate here, but I'm sure it's part of my OCD habit of needing to read the day's news to see what might be worth posting. Well, read this:

It's from this past Sunday New York Times Magazine, and the article is titled "The Case for Working With Your Hands." The author writes about the zen of being a mechanic, in spite of his advanced degrees and his complete enjoyment of it. In contrast, he recounts his first white collar job after getting a master's degree with all its intense soul-sucking banality.

This article encapsulates the problem I'm having with my day job. My industry is shrinking, and a lot of my skills are becoming outdated. While I wonder what to do to upgrade myself to become more marketable, I also wonder about staying in the cubicle at all. I haven't sold much artwork; although I haven't worked hard at selling myself very well either. I wonder if I throw myself into working as a full-time fiber artist if I can make enough to pay my mortgage and healthcare.

Wish me luck.

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