Wednesday, April 04, 2012

coat fitting.

I may not have posted, but I've been working on the first project still.  I gave myself a fitting, but had to wrangle my spouse to take some photos.

The front looked quite loose and comfortable, in spite of the wrinkles.

This has the potential to be a relaxed, smock-like overcoat, until ....

You can see the lines on the back that it's waaaay too tight on the shoulders.  Evidently, upper class women living 100 years ago didn't lift weights, do yoga, or gardening that would bulk up their shoulders.

The underarm is equally tight.  Even with sizing up the side seam, I have trouble moving my arm.  I can't imagine a kimono-sleeved shirtwaist under this sleeve...

Next Post:  some of my fitting solutions.

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