Thursday, September 15, 2016

Where to next?  That's the question that I'm constantly asking every moment of every day...  I was pretty optimistic after being downsized;  I thought "this will be easy, I can just sign up with a few headhunters, call old contacts, and start freelancing."  WRONG.  My industry has changed considerably;  a huge switch from print to mobile web and no willingness to retrain anyone... I'm wondering if I even have the brain to be retrained when a seemingly simple Java exercise has me stumped (or is it the exhaustion of parenthood?).  And what is the tech industry looking for?  Do they want new coders when it's getting shipped to Asia?  Is it all about the "content providers" and demi personalities? All the suggested sources:  LinkedIn, the same agencies, etc. have no information when they even bother to write or email me back.

Never mind, I have an awake baby at 2 AM...

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