Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I'll have to admit it, I have OCD tendencies.  That goes along with my environmental leanings as well.  So in addition to yesterday's review, I have to add that I can't recommend a lip brush enough.  It doesn't matter the brand, though when I commuted on the bus I liked one that retracted and had a cover - just to avoid a mess in my purse.

So, here's where it all comes together:
I have to use the entire tube of lipstick, not just a lipstick, it could be a chapstick or clear Vitamin E moisturizer.  I have to get the last drop at the bottom, and the brush is the perfect tool.  It doesn't matter that I got all this free and cheap, I'm ingrained to not waste a thing.  Maybe it comes with being raised by Depression-era parents...  I'll leave that to Freud...

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