Thursday, January 21, 2016

No Sweats/No Holes

Cross-posting from my LinkedIn blog.  There's a coda that requires being added and it's more appropriate in this forum...

One sartorial method to staying focused:  getting dressed.  Since my office style consisted of straight cut jeans and tailored tees, I'm sticking with that.  What I can't let myself do is let myself stay in my sweatpants all day.  Sweats are for the dog park. Sweats are for running.  Sweats are for lounging about after 10:00.  What they are not for is daily dressing anywhere outside of the house;  I'm sorry, I may not be the most fashion-fierce, but I can't let myself get that white-trash-y.  Even a supermarket run requires clean clothes and a dab of blush.  The same goes for my sneakers:  they're for the dog park, road work, or going to a gym.  A quick errand means at least wearing real shoes.  I may not ever run into a potential manager here in the suburbs, but I may as well look like it could happen...

What could possibly be added to this?  
Well, along with not wanting to let a tiny bit of cosmetic go to waste, even my schleppy dog park sweatpants don't get thrown out just for a hole ... or two. Somewhere in my stash I found scraps of cotton knit fleece, added on a zigzag stitch, and voila!  Of course, when I hit another thrift sale and I find another pair, these will go into the stash and become fabric to repair something else or dustcloths.  

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