Monday, January 18, 2016

First Product review.

One thing I'll really miss about my old gig was the swag.  Let me preface:  I can't say where I worked in publishing, but we ran lots of articles and blurbs about celebrities and their stuff.  So, the marketing departments of all that stuff would send some to us to potentially take pictures and put it in our pages.  In fact, there are entire agencies that target market which magazines and events get those samples just so it can be said that a D-list reality show "star" is in possession of said item...

But enough of my cynicism.  Of course, the fringe benefit was that the surplus items would be on the counter for free and twice a year the editor who received most of it all would have a sample sale for charity.  I am well stocked for hair care and toiletries for the rest of the year;  I think my skin will handle the winter with aplomb considering the oils and butters I stocked up on.

So now, my first review:  Tarte Complexion Brightening Lipstick in Fair-to Light.  What I like best is the creamy texture, with lots of moisture for my dry lips.  I can't say my complexion is brightened much, the color is a slightly tan-ny peach just on the bearable side of bubblegum, but still light enough to look like I'm not wearing LIPSTICK.   Tarte uses a variety of natural oils that are less bad than conventional cosmetic companies.
The question is: would I pay full price for it? Since it looks like a discontinued item, it's a moot point.  But, I've tried other Tarte products, and they have the same good level of moisture and lasting pigment.  $17 is a "treat" price for me though, I'd have to go through everything I have already to make that buy.

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